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    Pet Comb Hair Dryer

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    1. The handle adopts ergonomic design, which makes the grip more comfortable.
    2. Press and retractable design to help you easily remove hair.
    3. The rust-free stainless steel teeth are durable and easy to clean.


    1. Cleverly combine the hair dryer and pet comb to solve the trouble of separate operation
    2. It is more convenient to replace the comb hair. There are two different sizes of comb hair options, suitable for pets of different sizes.
    3. Three gear switch adjustment, the same wind speed, temperature is divided into low, medium and high three, choose different gears according to needs
    4. The power cord is 2 meters long and has passed safety standards, safe and environmentally friendly.
    5. The needle comb is made of 304 stainless steel. It is environmentally friendly, durable and not easy to break
    6. Two types of needle comb hair (sticky bead and non-stick bead), suitable for different use requirements.
    7. Added one-key dehairing function, which can easily remove the pet hair on the needle comb after use.
    8. The shell has double heat insulation protection to prevent hot hands.
    9. There is a high temperature protection switch inside, it will automatically disconnect and stop working if the temperature is too high.
    Input power: AC100-120V, AC220-240V
    Output power: 300W
    Air outlet temperature: about 39 degrees for low-end, 49 degrees for mid-range, and 59 degrees for high-end (testing environment 26 degrees)
    Tuyere speed: about 4.8m/s


    Packing Content:

    Hair comb*1

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