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    Rechargeable Massager Massage

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    1. Simulate pressing massage
    Suitable for specific parts
    Let the massage form a pressing sensation

    Rechargeable Massager Massage
    2. Simulate hammer massage
    Spot massage on limbs, lower back
    Large muscle groups such as the buttocks

    Rechargeable Massager Massage
    3. Six-foot bump massage head
    With bump massage column
    Stimulate muscles and acupuncture points
    Precise body massage

    Rechargeable Massager Massage
    4. Simulate acupuncture massage
    Suitable for stimulating specific parts
    Tap the palms and soles of the feet
    And calf

    Rechargeable Massager Massage

    Product Information:

    Applicable parts: head, neck, waist, buttocks, legs, feet
    Massage contacts: 4
    Function: beat, knead, vibrate

    Rechargeable Massager Massage
    Cleaning method: Wipe
    Power supply mode: USB

    Size: 460x160x92mm

    Rechargeable Massager Massage

    Packing list

    Massage stick*1

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