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    Quick Drying UV Resin Adhesive Colorless

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    Unleash your creativity with Meifu Market's Quick Drying UV Resin Adhesive. This colorless transparent silicone-based adhesive is a must-have for jewelry makers and DIY enthusiasts. With its rapid UV curing method, you can achieve solid, durable results in no time. The bottle contains 10 ml of the high-quality adhesive, designed for convenience and precision in every application. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to instant crafting satisfaction with SEVENWELL's quick-curing solution. Please note, UV radiation is required for curing, and we recommend using a dedicated LED UV lamp for optimal results. Each purchase includes one bottle of SEVENWELL's Quick Drying UV Resin Adhesive. Model Number: DIY Epoxy Resin Supplies Kits.

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