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    Mini Fast Charging Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5000 MAh Portable

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    1. 【Recharge with one sticker】
    2. 【Six-level strong magnetic adsorption】 It is not easy to slip off and does not hurt the mobile phone, making wireless charging faster and safer
    3. 【Compact and Portable]】Smaller, lighter, thinner, no burden when you go out
    4. 【Slow and fast charging】 It only takes 25 minutes to charge the iPhone 12 to 50%
    5. 【Wireless charging + mobile power supply】 The two modes can be used at will. At the same time as wireless charging, the other interface can also be charged, and three devices can be charged at the same time.
    6. 【LED electric display]】Identify the power status at a glance
    7. 【AI Ice Magnetic】Intelligent cooling, no damage to the machine, no heat, accurate and real-time temperature control, improve efficiency
    8. 【Can be brought on the plane】 In line with the civil aviation portable power supply standards

    Product information:

    Product model: YM-461
    Product name: small fresh mini magnetic charging treasure
    Product battery: 955465x1 piece
    Product color: cool black, retro green, ivory white, cherry blossom pink
    Product size: 91*64*15mm
    Product input: 2.1A
    Product output: 2.1A wireless charging: 5W


    Compatible with Apple, Non-Apple brand products

    Packing List:

    Power Bank*1


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